15. August 2013

BEDIA 15: Bilder meiner Stadt

Das ist kurz. Ich lebe in Hamburg, der meiner Ansicht (und der der meisten Hamburger nach) schönsten Stadt mindestens Deutschlands.
That's a quickie. I live in Hamburg, which I (and most other people living here) think the most beautiful town at least in Germany.

 Town Hall with some action going on. Don't ask me.
 The Außenalster, a big sea in the center of town
 The smaller part of it, called Binnenalster
"Little vacation to Italy", the Arkaden near Town Hall. 
Hamburg loves it's swans. We even have a Swan-Father, a person employed to take care of them. And they are protected by law. It's the same as the raven in the tower: As long as there are swans in Hamburg, the city will prosper

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